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We asked you to tell us your stories celebrating annotated bibliography generator those “Best” moments with your CBSHOME real estate agent and we heard some great stories! The adventure of buying or selling a home can be a funny and rewarding experience. Take a look at what some of you shared with us. We’d like to thank each of you who participated. Your tales and what is cultural identity essay anecdotes were inspiring.

1st Place – BEST Success Story

“The Impact of a Home” – Amy
Agent – Deda and Chris Myhre

We weren’t just looking for a house, we were searching for a home. . .

I haven’t heard of a search for a new house ever being an easy task for the “clients” or the “agents”, but our situation had to be one of the more difficult for any agent to imagine.

My daughter and I were not only without a home, but without a place of our own.
We left the house we lived in because we needed a home, a place we could feel safe, free of fear, able to grow and hopefully blossom. Deciding you deserve more is difficult, leaving is tough, but fighting through the obstacles and barriers you face, completely impossible. . . Without help. . .

Deda and Chris were nothing less than amazing, or as I know, nothing less than gifts from Above.

Obviously, our search for a home gave them no promise of a tremendous monetary reward, it involved much more red tape than any agent ever wants, AND did I mention we wanted a safe, affordable house that would be our “home”?

Despite my fears, regardless of my anxiety, Deda and Chris consistently were encouraging, Judgement or negativity were never a part of our interactions with the Myhre team, regardless of our situation. They NEVER expressed, in any manner, that they may be conceding that this dream of a “home” for us needed to rest for a bit.

Hope is a very powerful thing. At times it can be very difficult to find, but seems to grow even when initially unrecognized. . .

My daughter and I have a home. Our home. It’s an amazing home. It’s safe, full of love, free of fear, and sincerely appreciated because it was obtained, not just from our fight for it, but because of the patience, caring, tremendous understanding, compassion, and hard work of Deda and Chris.

How do you ever say thank you to the “Myhre Home Team” that gave my daughter and I, not only a strong dose of Hope and Peace, but a HOME? I’m not sure, but I plan to spend the rest of my journey passing what they’ve not only taught, but given us on.

It may be impossible to measure the impact they’ve made on our interaction alone, but I am hopeful that it will be evident to see.

1st Place – BEST Humorous Story

“You Puke on it, You Buy it” – Darren
Agent – Erin Oberhauser

Three years ago we decided we had outgrown our home and needed to start the process of making a move to something bigger. With Erin’s help we had our home on the market, but were not yet seriously looking for our next home.

While out on a walk one day in another area we noticed a house for sale that we decided to take a look at. We called Erin and she came right over. We weren’t in the house for 30 seconds when our 6-month old vomited all over the new carpet. You puke on it, you buy it, right? We knew we were home! The one and only house we looked at and our daughter made herself at home, losing her lunch all over the floor. I think the offer was made within a day!

We’re still here and have not replaced any carpet yet.

2nd Place – BEST Success Story

“80 Degrees of Separation” – DaLonna
Agent – Brent Blythe

Moving time is never easy, even for a seasoned Air Force wife. Two winters ago…flying solo, with the kids and husband back home, I set out for new territory….Nebraska territory. My mission…find us a house in the one weekend we could spare. When I left Louisiana to board the plane, the temperature was a comfortable 65 degrees. Just before landing, the pilot let the passengers know that the local temperature in Omaha was 15 degrees BELOW zero. I thought, “Oh no…It’s 80 degrees colder?!”
“Can this be real?” It WAS true, and it was a shock to the system. So then I began thinking to myself, “I need a house fast, it’s freezing (literally), and I don’t know a single person here.

But when the plane landed, Brent Blythe’s sweet assistant, Kathy was there waiting for me. She made me feel a lot less worried and alone.

Shortly thereafter, I met Brent Blythe. His kindness and expertise was a blessing! I let him know that I needed to secure a house…..and fast. Brent wasn’t worried a bit. He made sure he knew all of our “needs” and “wants” thoroughly. For example, one of the things I told him was that I needed a room set apart for home-schooling our children. In each house we looked at, he made sure he asked me if I would be able to teach the kids there. By him asking me those types of detailed questions, I could tell he genuinely cared about our family! Brent DID find our family “the perfect house” that weekend; and I’ve been happily home-schooling the kids there ever since.

A very wise Air Force wife once told me that when you move, you don’t move to new places, you move to new people.

She was right. After working with Brent Blythe and his team, I knew our family had already made some new friends in Nebraska.

Now when the weather’s cold…..I just stay inside my wonderful WARM house….lol!

2nd Place – BEST Humorous Story

“Best Humorous Story” – Robyn
Agent – John Beers

My family has used “The Beers Team” to sell two house and buy three, and I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful each experience was. Just before our latest home sale I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant. John and Diane Beers were so helpful and understanding and when an offer was placed on the house they went above and beyond to contact me.

It was a week day morning and I had passed out in the shower while getting ready for work. I had rested and decided to drive to work anyway as I knew that fainting was sometimes associated with pregnancy. I only lasted an hour at work before the sickness set in and I had driven back home, but before leaving I had notified my mother and the father of my baby that I wasn’t doing very well and was heading home to rest. Shortly thereafter an offer came in on the house with a time limit for a response.

John and Diane began to call my home and my cell, both of which I had turn off to sleep. When they got no response they began to call my family including my Mom and my significant other. When both of them were also unable to get a hold of me PANIC set in. Over an hour later I am awoken to knocking on my windows. Thinking its my significant other stopping home to check on me and believing he had locked him self out I crawl out of bed and stomp down the stairs not very happy to have been woken up. I was so irritated that I didn’t even bother to get dressed before letting him in. To my surprise, and theirs, I see John and Diane smiling at my front door. After I get dressed and let them in we begin discussing the offer when suddenly my significant other comes flying in the front door with a scared look on his face. He sees me, kisses my forehead, tells me to answer the phone when he calls and to call my Mom, then flies back out the door. John Beers then explains to me that when they got no answer from me they had contacted my family and my work. I had over 30 missed calls on my cell phone and while listening to the messages one was from my Sergeant how was about to send Officers to my house to check my well being.

I guess its NOT okay to take an uninterrupted nap but it was nice to know that so many people cared. The house sold and we are now able to start searching for our next dream home with the help of The Beers Team!

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